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CAUTION: 4-Way Intersection Old Peachtree Rd/Old Fountain (Dacula)

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Confusing Right Hand Turn at a 4-way light intersection Georgia DOT recently removed the yield signs that were placed at the corner of every right-hand turning lane. This makes this intersection a bit less confusing as drivers are consistently confused as to who has the right of way when both drivers have a green light. Today the intersection no longer has those yield signs, which should make driving through this intersection less awkward.

Recommendations for Drivers at this intersection: 1. When attempting a right-hand turn, always come to a complete stop behind the stop line when you have a red light. 2. When attempting a right-hand turn and oncoming traffic has a green light and a green arrow, you must concede the right-of-way to vehicles making a left-hand turn.

3. When attempting a left-hand turn at this intersection

-you have the right-of-way when you have a green arrow

-if you have a green light, but not a green arrow, you must yield to oncoming traffic including vehicles who are attempting a right-hand turn


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