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YIELD ON RIGHT? GA-120 Westbound (Lawrenceville, Ga)

Yield Sign on a right-hand turn into a Parking Lot This is a peculiar situation. When I spoke with media spokesman from the Gwinnett County Police Department, he was even puzzled as to the reasoning behind the yield sign placed here. What we can piece together here is that in a high traffic time, cars that are attempting to turn left while traveling eastbound on GA-120 needed assurance that they could make it into the parking lot without having to worry about a car making a right hand turn as well.

It appears that cars attempting to make a right-hand turn must yield to a car making a left-hand turn across traffic in this situation. There is also the outside possibility that a car may have to yield to pedestrian who is the cross walk at this moment. This also seems consistent with cars attempting to make a right hand turn out of this same parking lot onto GA-120 Westbound.

Recommendations for Drivers As is the case in all situations, drivers should be defensive when approaching all situations. Never assume you have the right-of-away and if there are cars approaching, taking an extra moment to see their intent is important to avoid crashes.


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