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Chain Reaction of Accidents in Acworth

On March 19, 2021 Office L Clark was dispatched to an accident scene at the intersection of Cobb Highway and Creekside Village Drive.

A multiple vehicle accident occurred when four vehicles were travelling East in lane 1 on Cobb Parkway southbound.

The first vehicle was a Ford F250 driven by Mr. Brandon Bourrie, the second a Toyota RAV 4 driven by Mr. Brett King, the third a Honda Accord driven by Mr. Jamal Babar an the fourth an Infiniti QX56 driven by Ms. Dixie Bonds.

The last three vehicles were stopped when Mr Bourrie failed to stop and rear-ended Mr. King’s vehicle. This caused a chain reaction with Mr. King rear-ending Mr. Babar’s vehicle, who was subsequently pushed into the rear of Ms. Bonds vehicle.

Allatoona Towing was at the scene and removed the Ford, Toyota, and Honda as all had sustained disabling damage. Ms. Bonds’ vehicle sustained minor damage and she drove the car from the scene.

Mr. Bourrie stated that Mr. King abruptly stopped his vehicle, and he was unable to avoid the collision. He tried to steer left but hit the guardrail and Mr. King’s vehicle. Mr. King stated that he stopped when his vehicle was hit by Mr. Bourrie’s vehicle. The other two vehicles were already stopped when this collision occurred.

The office found that Mr. Bourrie was at fault and cited him for Following Too Closely.

The accident was reported in the city of Acworth in Cobb County.


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