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Driver Weaves into Lane, Causes Accident (Cobb)

According to Cobb County Police Reports, Carrie Mijon of Marietta, Georgia, and Latanja Woods of Alpharetta, Georgia, were involved in an accident on Ernest Barrett Parkway.

Both drivers were traveling east on Ernest Barrett Parkway on December 13, 2023. This is when Mijon reportedly came into Woods' lane of travel. Woods told the reporting officer that she began to honk her horn to alert Mijon.

During the interview process, Mijon could not recall if she was in lane #1 or #2 of travel initially.

The officer observed minor damage to the passenger side near the center of Mijon's vehicle. There was also minor damage to Woods' vehicle near the front driver's side. Mijon was issued a citation to maintain lane (40-6-48).


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