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Left Hand Turn at Intersection Leads to Accident (Cobb)

Per Cobb County Police Records, Michael King of Marietta, Georgia, and Tremaine Hutson of Roswell, Georgia, were involved in an accident on December 29, 2023.

King told the reporting officer that he was on Sandy Plains Road waiting to make a left hand turn onto Gordy Parkway with a yellow light. He stated that Hutson's vehicle came traveling north and struck his vehicle.

Hutson reported that he was traveling about 40 miles per hour and had a green light when King turned in front of his vehicle causing the accident.

Both cars spun out and struck a third vehicle, driven by Jeremy Morin of Los Angeles, California, who was stopped on Gordy Parkway at the intersection with Sandy Plains. Morin stated that he believed that Hutson's vehicle was traveling with excessive speed.

King was transported to the local hospital and all three vehicles were towed with disabling damage.


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