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Failure to Yield Leads to 3 in the Hospital

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

On January 15, 2021 according to City of Atlanta Police, Erikk Wilson and Donna Ward were involved in an accident at the intersection of Northside Dr. NW and Marietta St. NW.

According to Wilson he was traveling north on Northside Drive when a vehicle appeared so quickly that he could not stop. He state that he had a green arrow in his direction.

Ward stated that she was traveling south on Northside Drive and had a green arrow to turn left onto Marietta St. Atlanta Fire had to extract Ward and her passenger from the vehicle.

Ward was issued a citation for ‘Failure to Yield when Turning Left.’ Georgia Tech Police Camera captured the accident on video, and it was bookmarked for further review.

Wilson, Ward and her passenger were transported to Atlanta Medical Center.


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