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Hit and Run Leaves Two Cars Damaged on Grayson Hwy (Lawrenceville)

Per Lawrenceville Police Reports on September 2, 2022, Tiffany Holley of Auburn, Georgia, and Yunmi Lee of Buford, Georgia, were involved in a hit-and-run accident on Grayson Highway.

Holley told the reporting officer that she was in the turning lane awaiting to turn right on Grayson Highway when she was rear ended by a vehicle. She got out of her car to check for damage and found none. However, as she re-entered her car, the vehicle that struck her from behind attempted to pull out from the lane, struck her car again and also hit Lee's car in the center lane.

Lee told the reporting officer that she was travelling northbound when the vehicle pulled out of the turning lane and struck her vehicle.

No other information was provided, and no citations were listed.


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