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Man Runs Red Light, Causes Accident on Buford Dr. (Lawrenceville)

Per Lawrenceville Police Reports, Thomas Martin of Buford, Georgia, and Angela Lance of Lawrenceville, Georgia, were involved in an accident at the intersection 316W and Buford Drive.

Martin told the officer that he was coming up the 316 westbound ramp to turn left onto Buford Drive when the light changed from green to yellow. He said he was fearful of being rear-ended by the car behind him if he came to stop. He then entered the intersection and attempted to make a left turn. In doing so, he struck Lance's vehicle.

There was a witness on the scene who told a different story. The witness stated that they were stopped at the same traffic light that Lance was and when the light turned from red to green they both proceeded into the intersection. The witness advised that Martin ran the red light and attempted to make a left turn and thus causing the accident.

Martin was found to be at fault for this accident. He received a citation for failure to obey traffic control device (380385).


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