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Road Rage on Hurt Road

On November 16, 2020, Nora Rodriguez of Marietta, Georgia, was hurrying home to get to her daughter. She took Hurt Road to avoid traffic on Austell Road. As she travelled eastbound, she came upon Julian Wiley of Marietta, who she said was traveling below the speed limit.

According to Cobb County Police Reports, Rodriguez crossed solid double lines in attempt to pass Wiley on the driver side. Rodriguez alleged that Wiley sped up in order to prevent her from passing. At this moment Wiley tells the reporting officer that a car from the opposite direction was approaching, which forced Rodriguez to attempt to get back into the original lane.

The two cars collided at this point. No injuries were reported. Rodriguez was cited for failure to maintain lane.

This is a great reminder for drivers to stay patient while on the roads. This accident only caused Ms. Rodriguez to be even more late to arrive at home to her child.


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