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Wet Driving Conditions Lands Motorcycle Driver in Hospital

Per Cobb County Police Reports on January 25, 2021, Austin Lowe of Kennesaw, Georgia, lost control of his motorcycle and was struck by a vehicle driving by Vincent Beavers of Epworth, Georgia. According to Lowe, he was traveling on Interstate North Parkway just south of Windy Hill when he attempted to slow down for a braking vehicle in front of him. Lowe saw vehicle attempting to make a left hand turn late and attempted to brake and change lanes.

According to the report, the road had a steep incline and the pavement was wet due to rain. Lowe was forced to slide his motorcycle in attempt to avoid the collision. In the process he became separated from his motorcycle and slid into oncoming traffic. He was immediately struck by Beavers vehicle and was transported to Kennestone Hospital with a left leg injury.

One witnesses on the scene saw Lowe lose control of his vehicle and state there was no way that Beavers could have avoided the collision. Another witness was in front of Lowe and slowed down to make a left-hand turn when she saw him lose control behind her.


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