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Heavy Traffic Leads to a Hit-and-Run Accident on Powder Springs St. (Marietta)

According to Marietta Police Reports, Maureen Njoroge of Marietta, Georgia, was invovled in an accident at the intersection of Powder Springs St. and Oregon Trail on August 30, 2022.

Per the report, a navy-blue SUV attempted to make a left-hand turn out of Oregon Trail onto Powder Springs Street. A witness to the accident stated that she was travelling north on Powder Springs Street when traffic stopped to let this SUV make the turn. The SUV was attempting to travel southbound on Powder Springs Street.

Njoroge was in the middle turning lane when she felt the impact on her passenger side. There was damage down the passenger side of her vehicle.

The witness to the accident saw two Hispanic males within the vehicle but was unable to identify the entire license plate number. Marietta Police utilized the city cameras, but still was unable to identify the vehicle positively. The SUV is believed to have damage to the passenger side and have the digits "TE 05" within the plate number.

Any information on this accident or on the potential hit-and-run vehicle should be directed to the Marietta Police Department.


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