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Woman Claims to Have Gun Pointed at Her, Causes Accident (Cobb)

Per Cobb County Police Reports, on September 28, 2022, Natalie Prescott of Canton, Georgia, and Gary Nelson of Acworth, Georgia, were involved in an accident on I575 Expressway.

According to Prescott, a black male in a white vehicle drove up beside her and pointed a gun at her. This led her to become shaken up combined with her speed being too fast led her to lose control of her vehicle.

She first went into the barrier wall on her left, which then caused the vehicle to ricochet over to the right causing an impact with the front of Nelson's vehicle. Finally, Prescott's vehicle then hit the wall on the right-hand side before spinning out and coming to a rest in the first lane.

Prescott was cited with improper lane change (OCGA 40-6-48) and too fast for conditions (OCGA 40-6-180).


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